Sitting Alone

Quiet Times   Most evenings after work I sit here and wonder why it’s so quiet. I have gotten so used to my children being here and not to mention their friends. It’s funny during those times I wished for peace and quiet. I usually sit here and search the internet wondering what I can do to waste time. I found myself starting small projects and then I get bored. As empty nesters we knew our children would leave, but not as soon as they did. This quiet time gives me a chance to realize how bless I am. I’m so proud to see my children attend a university (one has actually graduated). Can you say proud momma?!

School for Me??   I have been struggling with going back to school to receive my Bachelors. I started online in 2011 to receive my Bachelors in Early Childhood. It became overwhelming because I still had children in school and I was required to stop working for my internship. I actually carry the health insurance for the family and that was not an option. So, I want to go back to school, but skip the option of doing an internship. I enjoy helping people and I currently work at a Department of Social Services as a caseworker. I’m ready for a change—yes at the age of 44. Any suggestions??

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4 thoughts on “Sitting Alone

  1. HI, I went to culinary school in my 40s. I didn’t really want to start a career in the field but wanted to learn some new and fresh techniques. So, I did skip the internship part, and most of the classes that did not interest me (like waiting tables). As a result I did not get the degree but had a blast taking the classes that were interesting.
    I don’t know if that is an option for you, but if it is then go for it! I still have some really good friends from that program and go back every now and then to visit with the chefs.
    Even if you don’t do the internship you may still find a path that you like through the connections that you make. Just a thought! And, welcome to the empty nest/ midlife quandary 🙂

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