Starting Fresh

Stepping Into the New Year

Resolutions   Today has been the typical day of “new year new me”. Everyone seems to always have a resolution for a new year. I’ve never made resolutions because I find myself not keeping it. My solution to this is not to share what I plan to do different. Nine times out of ten if you announce it, people always look for you to stick with it. No judgment to the people who find it as accountability.

Letting Go of the Past   Letting go has always been a problem for me. I’ve never knew how much pain comes with holding on to the past. I have a situation that has become toxic for me. I find myself keep stepping back to it, but I get results that cause me pain. I’ve tried so many times to let go but my heart is attached to it more than I care to admit. I can write a story on this situation, but I will give a little at a time. My reason for sharing this is to help me realize what I need to do if I want to heal and move forward.

Faith Can Heal   I am a true believer that God is the healer for any pain. If we believe that there is a higher power, it gives you the strength you need to heal and believe there is nothing too big for our God. Some pain that we suffer cause you to fall into a dark place that appears to be no sight of any light. A broken heart seem as if it will never heal. I know I have to trust God and know that He knows best. So in the process I will continue to stay focus and have faith.

Be YOUnique

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